Current Projects

2.2020 Studying Animation Voice Over with Charlie Adler

2.2020 First Stand Up Set at Sycamore Open Mic!

12.2019 Performance with Celebration Theatre

9.2019 Performance at alumni event with Clarke University

7.2019 – 11.2019 Studying Performance Mindset with Joe Towne

6.2019 Workshop with Bob Bergen and Noshir Dalal

6.2019 Made it to final round of Callbacks for Peppa Pig Live!

5.2019 On AVAIL for Kelly Clarkson Show

2.2019 Finished an Audition class with Morman Boiling Casting, and a workshop with Lisa Zambetti

2.2019 Cast as Lois Lane in a Voice Over spot for the WGI (Winter Guard International) World Championship

2.2019 Brigid produced a reading at The Blank Theatre with theatre greats Richard Shelton, Andrew Lynford and more!

1.2019 Performed “Late Night with Jimmy Fallopian Tubes” at UCB Sunset

1.2019 Finished “The Actor’s Mindset” with Joe Towne and Hilary Tuck

1.2019 Brigid’s voice in a comedic how-to video aired

11.2018 Brigid is now narrating audiobooks full time!

10.8.2018 Performing the role of JUDY GARLAND in “To Dance with Judy” at The Blank Theatre

9.2018 The trailer is out for another cartoon I voiced! Toytopia is coming soon!

7.23.2018 Glamazon performs at UCB Sunset in “Late Night with Jimmy Fallopian Tubes.” Tickets can be purchased here

6.2018 Spent most of June performing in the Fringe Festival with “The Elevator” and preparing for the NYTVF.

5.2018 The cartoon Brigid wrote and performed in Robits was accepted into the NewYorkTelevisionFestival! Robits will make its world premiere in July 2018!

See the trailer here:

5.2018 Recorded Tenth episode of podcast “Talkin Trek”

5.2018 Over 15 5 Star Reviews for Voice Over!

4.2018 Booked it! Filmed an Irish Dancing scene for “Beefcakes” directed by Andrew Jasperson

4.2018 Performed at The Blank Theatre as part of their Living Room series. Brigid played Olivia de Havilland in “Women in Film: A Fantasy of Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine”

4.2018 Was guest on the podcast “The 8 Dollar Game Show”

4.2018 Performed with Glamazon at The Ruby LA.

4.2018 Submitted cartoon to NYTVF Festival. Fingers crossed!


2.2018 Booked it! Filmed Scifi-60 directed by Nardeep Khurmi

2.2018 Filmed “Dick Pickford Detective Agency” with Glamazon.

1.2018 Starting new sketch team “Glamazon”, searching for locations for my short film, starting my Star Trek podcast, and trademarking my cartoon. MORE ON ALL THIS SOON!

10.2017 Booked it! Filmed a Pizza Hut Commercial for Hello Giggles

9.2017 Cast in The LOFT Ensemble’s Now or Neverland directed by Bree Pavey

9.2017 Took Character 101 again but this time with Hal Ruddnick!

6.11.2017 Pussies Grab Back at iO West at 10pm!

6.1.2017 Started writing a new series with UhOh Comedy. Stay tuned!

5.22.2017 The Blank Theatre’s LRS – “The Shadow Child” directed by Chris Raymond, written Myra Slotnick, with Brea Bee and Wes McGee. So honored to have been a part of this!!!

5.14.2017 Pussies Grab Back! All female sketch show – iO West Mainstage at 10pm. Our first full hour time slot!

5.3.2017 BOOKED IT. On Set with Director Rose McGowan.

5.1.2017 “The End of Sex” staged reading with The Blank Theatre!

4.30.2017 UCB Franklin Character Showcase at 6pm

4.26.2017 CALLBACK for Morman Boling Casting!

4.26.2017 Audition for The Blank Theatre’s Young Playwright’s Festival

So much has happened! So many auditions! Can’t keep track!

3.7.2017 Starting UCB’s Character Class!

2.13.2017 Met with Screenwriters at StoryBoard on the Fox Studios Lot

2.12.2017 Performed in Pussies Grab Back at the iO West main stage to a sold out audience!

2.2017 Completed Improv 401 at UCB

Started volunteering with the Blank Theatre and A Noise Within

Got behind on my updating! So much has happened!

10.2016 Called in for web series, independent films, commercials, etc

8.14.2016 Performing Improv with Franzia at the Clubhouse – 11pm The WRANGLE

7.10.2016 Began studying Voice and Movement with Jamie Wollrab

7.1.2016 BOOKED IT! On set yesterday and tomorrow for an Industrial!

6.30.16 So much has been happening! Auditioning a bunch, my sketch team is now also doing improv, class has been going great, more to come!

4.13.2016 Called in to audition for a Live Cinema directed by Francis Ford Coppola! ahhhh! Played my guitar, clarinet, and tin whistle for him 🙂

4.11.2016 Called in to audition for My Crazy Ex!

3.21.2016 Signed with Rascals Talent Agency!

3.18.2016 Audition for short film!

3.9.2016 Agent meeting tomorrow! Manager showcase tonight! #itsallhappening 🙂

3.7.2016 Coached a scene with new acting coach, Rodney To. So excited for the new relationship!

3.4.2016 Voice Over audition for Darlington Industries!

3.2.2016 Another great sketch with my sketch team. Can’t wait for you to see it.

2.27.2016 Agency showcase #2. Two agents have expressed interest! More on this soon…

2.26.2016 Accepted into Warner Loughlin’s Audition class. Going to be fine tuning my audition skills  🙂

2.23.2016 A phenomenal class at Warner Loughlin today. Can’t wait to show off my dramatic side on camera!

2.22.2016 Credit is up on my imdb profile! You can check it out here!

2.16.2016 Agency Showcase with Jeremy Luke!

2.13.2016 Performed in a Live Radio Play directed by Gary Imhoff!

2.11.2016 Actors Access Business seminar with Beverly Hills Playhouse

2.4.2016: Had an amazing read for UDK’s Associate CD, Jennifer Brooks.

1.31.2016: UhOh Comedy submitted ” A Slice of Love” to the Westside Comedy Theatre’s 48 hour film festival and WON Best of Festival! Audience’s Choice, and Judges choice!!!! You can check out the short here!

1.28.2016: Met with Networking group ” The Table.” So excited to be a part of a film making community!

1.25.2016 Commercially represented by WILD MODELS TALENT!

1.23.2016 A great read for CD Scott David followed by a super fun sketch with UhOhComedy.

Recently finished Improv 301 with UCB!

Improvising in weekly sketch groups with UhOh Comedy ! Check out my sketches here!

See this Budweiser spoof she made with her improv group!

Recently filmed a commercial with College Humor! More on this soon!

Connect with me on LACasting and Actors Access for even more BK opportunities!