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“The opening scene of debauchery between Andy Kraft and Brigid Kelley had me in tears.” – Fringe Audience Review

‘Neighborhood 3’ looks at video games and violence

  • Article by: WILLIAM RANDALL BEARD , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2013 – 3:48 PM

Jennfer Haley’s timely and clever play, set in suburbia, takes on links between gaming and violence.

Pictured: Brigid Kelley and Ian Udulutch in “Neighborhood #3.”

Photo: Charlie Gorrill,

With its current production, “Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom,” Theatre Pro Rata has truly caught the Zeitgeist. As the nation grapples with the question of violence, Jennifer Haley’s play takes an ostensibly serious look at the corrupting influence of video games…

Director Wade A. Vaughn gives the play a stronger production than it probably deserves. With the aid of scenic designer Sadie Ward and prop designer Amy Bouthilette (emulating the nostalgic style of old-school games with stylized, 8-bit props), he draws the audience into the videogame world. He paces the show with enough energy to give it edge- of-your-seat excitement.

Vaughn’s success as an actor clearly gives him the experience to draw strong performances out of his cast: Brigid Kelley (as the four daughters), Ian Udulutch (as the four sons), Brian Columbus (as the four fathers) and Mame Pelletier (as the four mothers)….


William Randall Beard writes regularly about theater.


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