The L.A. Goodnight

Edited in Prisma app with Daryl Feril

A few years ago, I saw the movie The Big Sleep, with Humphrey Bogart playing smooth private detective Philip Marlowe. I immediately wanted nothing more than to play Philip Marlowe in a scene or movie. However, given my casting, I realized that I would never be cast as a 1940s private eye in the Hollywood I had found myself in. My only chance was to write my own role. When I finally sat down to write the screenplay, I soon discovered that detective Livvy Hayward was begging to be in a book instead.


Thus, THE L.A. GOODNIGHT was born. A crime novel living as a love letter to Los Angeles, noir, and  flawed females.


After an early edit thanks to Molly Zakoor, revision techniques thanks to Mark Sarvas at the UCLA Writer’s Workshop, and feedback from friends and colleagues, I am now in the query stage, searching for the right agent to represent my book and my career.


More on this to come.